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we walk a nightmare line

to emily about what i miss doing /survey

tricking automatic doors at sears
or jumping in muddy puddles at my house
and cursing at birds
and making pizzas that dont cut
and running around the block with andy at 4 am
and playing catch with my brother
and hearing my mom say fiddlesticks
and killing your yearbook
and singing songs at the lunch table
and running outside screaming flying dutchman
and killing mechanical pencils
and saying spitalfiels and silverstein wrong on purpose
and jumping on my bed to spitalfield
and flopping on the therapetic beds in the mall(damn those hurt)
and mimicking ms elsen
and pausing shane and mark on my computer
and calling you
and josh saying weird ass things about us making out
and josh just being stupid
and how your family loves me and mine you
and how we make plans outta nowhere
and me looking up the FBI in the phone book
and me getting mad at my trumpet
and me naming my trumpet
and gansta herbert the frog(we disected him and i made a song aboiut him and named him)
and singing Panic and Smashed Into Pieces
and spitting off my my deck (oh that was just me)
and tripping/kicking tyler
and walking down the slanted hall way
and stuff


emily took this on me

1.What is my full name? Alissa Marie Campbell
2.What is my birthday? October 23, 1990
3.Do you go to school with me? you betcha i do
4.Name one time where you absolutely loved me. all the time but not in that way lol
5.Name one time where you absolutely despised me. never have never will
6.Have you ever had a phone call with me? If so how'd it go and what was the funniest thing I did? well lets see i talk to you on the phone all the time soooo probably when you got mad at your trumpet or when you were experimenting with phone
7.If you are the opposite gender, have you ever had a crush on me or wished you could go on a date with me?EEEEEEWWWWWWWWW im not the opposite gender
8.Have you ever been over to my house before? HELL YEA ALL THE TIME!!
9.Have you been to any movies with me?CHA GO THROWING CANDY!!
10.Have you gone anywhere else with me? ALL LOT OF PLACES
11.Name something really stupid I have done. ran around the block at 2 a.m.
12.Name something really funny I have done. gotten mad at inanimate objects ;)
13.Name my best talent, in your opinion. JUST BEING YOU MY FRIEND!!
14.How long have we been friends? 3 1/2 years
15.Where did you meet me? at school
16.Have I ever helped you out? only all the time
18.What sport(s) am I in? track and cross country
19.Honestly, do i suck at it/them? no not at all
20.Am I a fun or boring person? fun but its an understatement for how awesome you are
21.Am I a determined or a stubborn person? little both but nothing bad
22.When do I seem to be having the most fun?(or where) malls or each others houses
23.What is the sweetest thing you have known me to do? taken care of friends and family when theyre down
24.If I have any siblings,am I nice to them? yes most of the time
25.Have you met or talked to my parents? If so,what'd you think of them?yes i certainly have and they seem alright
26.When was I the most upset over something?when guys put you down anytime..(boys are dumb)
27.What is my future job, in your opinion. freakin awesome meterologist
28.Will I succeed at this? YES YOU DEFINITLY WILL

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