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Forever is a Joke You Used Too Many Times

<lj-cut text="the weekend to remember"> this was in my old journal but yeah its something we did.
it was the weekend we spent ENTIRELY or close to it, together hanging out.i edited it a bit though due to recent situations.... RULE!!!!!!
emily and i are going to be sick of each other arent we emily?

no i don't think so.....but we did spend the whole weekend together. Should we tell about that?

yeah alissa goes with the "weekend update" (cnn or crazy news crap music..)
FIRST we went and saw kicking and screaming at the movie theater...we were in the back row,probably the loudest there,and i threw a skittle and it hit amanda....

THEN, we went to alissa's.We stayed up listening to Silverstein and watching Shane in the Smashed into Pieces video. GOOD GOD he's hot but anyways.....

today we went to drop off my sister(crazy fool) at her dance class in pleasant hill and then we went to hyvee because mom had to put a bunch of cans and what not in a crazy machine that gives you money for it....i wonder if i could put rocks in there....

i bet u would put rocks in there......wait back it up to the dance class thing....her brother wasn't feeling very good so she comforted him and he rested his head on her shoulder...alissa is such a good big sister....then when we were in hyvee she spoiled him and got him a donut and an icy cold to go thingymajigger of i said she is such a good big sister

what can i say....i spoil my baby brother. hm if im a good big sister, imagine how ill act towards my kids...

ok then we had to take her brother to doctor because he felt crap so we sat in the car for like an was fun though because we went through like her entirely case of cd's......Silverstein, Green Day, etc. On Silverstein we turned it up and screamed out " Smash apart what you creatED", that was awesome. Then on Green Day alissa messed with the volume so it sounded really cool...

im so talented...messing with the mini van volume...
alright then we went to valley west mall. we went to spencers like 5 times and i got my "pimp" red sunglasses, which i must say, i look damn hot in them.(im too sexy for these sunglasses....)
except theyre red so its like, um everything else is red...even my hand...theyre hardcore blood red sunglasses...woooo fun.
ok what else did we do? um walked forever and i was being an idiot(whats new?)and i wanted to jump in the waterfall but i didnt :(


ok so now im at emilys
a whole damned weekend acting like idiots
(im a bad influence, what can i say?)

ok well i gotta go be "pimp" now...(damn these sunglasses are awesome!)
emily will close while i run into walls....

ok everybody if u ever do anything with alissa, it's never normal
u just cant have a bad time with her
FUN RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

unless i knock myself out from running into walls with these crazy sunglasses(*theme song* as sunglasses are on"im too sexy for these sunglasses"...)ok i need to quit that before i scare people worse.....

FOR I AM......

SUPER ALISSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

duuuuuuuuude i need super powers now....
and a cape...
(man at 14 and a half i still have my imagination from when i was 5....except im too big to jump on couches just....hurts....:(noooooo i like jumping on couches....damn growing crap...)

ok........alissa apparently has problems(HEY!!!!!is for horses...)

alrighty then, she is just a little bit hyper
like i said never a boring moment with alissa
i guess we're going to go get pizza now so....


oh yeah and alissa says laters from bouncing on the couch ;)

rock on spite-uhl-field!

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